DEPS Musée du Quai Branly


Scientific Coordinator: Françoise Benhamou, Professor at Paris 13 University, France

Thursday, October 2, 2008

9.40 am Opening Session
Stéphane MARTIN, Head of the musée du quai Branly, Paris, France
Philippe CHANTEPIE, Head of the DEPS, Ministry of Culture and Communication, France

Morning program:
Cultural or Creative Industries: Scope and Characteristics

Victor GINSBURGH, Professor, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium

We will attempt to draw the new frontiers of the economy of culture by exploring the economic characteristics of cultural goods and services, and defining the so-called cultural industries and creative sectors through quantitative and qualitative analysis. Together with economic players, we will examine how creation and creativity are organised and managed in order to enhance economic development.

10.00 am From cultural industries to creative industries: the specific features of creative industries
David THROSBY, Professor at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
10.20 am Cultural and creative industries: genealogy and outlook
Katia SEGERS, Director, Centre for Studies on Media & Culture, Brussels, Belgium
10.40 am Cultural industries or creative industries: a critical approach
Susan GALLOWAY, Researcher, Centre for Cultural Policy Research, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
11.00 am Spatial dimensions of creativity: cultural districts / creative districts
Walter SANTAGATA, Professor, University of Turin, Italy
11.20 am Debate
11.45 am Panel discussion #1: Creation and creativity: players’ practices: design, advertising creation, luxury goods, etc.: how can creation and creativity be organised and managed?
Led by Thomas PARIS, Researcher, HEC School of Management and PREG École Polytechnique, Paris, France
Stephan BERINGER, President of Europe Tribal DDB, UK
Brigitte FITOUSSI, Artistic Director, Christofle, France
Steinar VALADE-AMLAND, Managing Director, Danish Designers, Denmark
12.45 am Summing up
Xavier GREFFE, Professor, Université de Paris-I, France

Afternoon program:
Industrialisation and Creativity

Philip SCHLESINGER, Academic Director, Centre for Cultural Policy Research, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

We will discuss the changes caused by the industrialisation of culture, the new sources of growth in creativity and innovation, how they are financed, their new markets and the place of consumers and the general public in the new cultural and creative productions.

2.30 pm Innovations for heritage enhancement in the age of mass tourism
Lluís BONET, Professor, University of Barcelona, Spain
2.50 pm Creativity in a global industry: video games
Peter ZACKARIASSON, associate Member of the Gothenburg Research Institute, Göteborg, Sweden
3.10 pm Cultural Contexts of Innovation in the Creative Industries
Michael HUTTER, Director, “Cultural Sources of Newness” research unit, WZB, Berlin, Germany
3.30 pm On-line media
Richard COLLINS, Professor Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
3.50 am Debate
4.15 pm Panel discussion #2 : The consumer / producer, source of creativity and innovation: amateurs, consumers, users, the general public, user generated contents: integrating the consumer in the design and production process of cultural and creative goods.
Led by Éric BROUSSEAU, Professor, Université de Paris-X, Nanterre, France
Laurent KRATZ, President, Jamendo, Luxembourg
Florence NIBART-DEVOUARD, President, Wikimedia Foundation, France
Martin ROGARD, French contents Director, France, DailyMotion, France.
5.15 pm Summing up
Dominique SAGOT-DUVAUROUX, Professor, Université d’Angers, France

Friday, October 3, 2008

Morning program:
Changes in Industries and Markets

Nicolas CURIEN, Member of the Collège de l’Arcep, Professor, Cnam, Paris, France

We will discuss the nature and impact of the major changes in industries and markets. Which economic models and which strategies are being applied in under industrial concentration and globalisation? What are the impacts on cultural diversity of the changes in industries, markets and value chains?

09.40 am Consolidation and diversity in the book industry
Marc MÉNARD, Professor, University of Quebec, Montreal, Canada
10.00 am The new relationships between performing arts and the record music industry
Peter TSCHMUCK, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (MDW), Autriche
10.20 am Media and advertising
Tore NILSSEN, Professor, Oslo University, Norway
10.40 am Economic and Cultural Diversity: a framework for analysis and some implications
Andrew STIRLING, Professor, University of Sussex, Brighton, United Kingdom
11.00 am Debate
11.25 am Panel discussion #3 : Analysis and strategies of economic sectors: the business models of cultural and creative goods companies and the rebuilding of value chains in the “digital era”.
Led by Bernard MIEGE, Professor, Université Stendhal – Grenoble 3, Grenoble, France
Olivier ABECASSIS, Managing Director of Wat and Deputy Managing Director of e-tf1, Paris, France
Bruno PATINO, former Chairman of Le Monde Interactif and Télérama, France
Pascal PERIN, Strategic Studies Director, Group Strategic Marketing, Orange, Paris, France
12.25 am Summing up
Renato G. FLÔRES Jr, EPGE / Fundação Getulio Vargas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Afternoon program:
Public Policies and Regulations

Frederick VAN DER PLOEG, Professor, Oxford University, United Kingdom, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

We will discuss the renewal of cultural policies, their levels and instruments. We will examine how to mobilise the regulation tools, whether these relate to intellectual property rights or competition, in favour of cultural and economic objectives.

2.15 pm Panel discussion #4 : Can cultural policy make the arts and culture a lever for growth and economic development?
Led by Pierre-Jean BENGHOZI, Head of Research, CNRS and Director, PREG École Polytechnique, Paris, France
Klaus Werner IOHANNIS, Mayor of Sibiu, Chairman of Sibiu European Capital of Culture
Xavier TROUSSARD, Head of Unit, Cultural Policy and Intercultural Dialogue, DG EAC, European Commission
Laurent VALLET, Director General of the IFCIC, France
Henri VERDIER, Chairman of the Multimedia Images & Digital Life Competitivity Division (Cap Digital).
3.15 pm Panel discussion #5 : Public support and regulations for the new cultural and creative field.
Led by Anne PERROT, Vice President, Conseil de la concurrence, Professor of economics, Université de Paris-I, France
ALAIN STROWEL, Professor, Facultés universitaires de Saint-Louis, Brussels, University of Liège, Belgium
Ruth TOWSE, Université Erasmus, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Édouard TREPPOZ, Professor, Lumière University ­ Lyon II, Paris, France
4.15 pm Summing up
Françoise BENHAMOU, Professor, Université de Paris-XIII, France
4.30 pm Conclusion
Odile QUINTIN, Director General, Education and Culture, European Commission.
17.00 pm Closing words
Guillaume BOUDY, General Secretary, Ministry of Culture and Communication, France